Emergency Private Air Ambulance

A person who does not feel physically fit may find it daunting to travel abroad. So, it can be difficult to enjoy a vacation or time away if you are unsure of how to obtain proper medical care. But a private air ambulance can transport injured persons or those whose pre-existing conditions have worsened to their home country quickly and safely. You will also need to be flown abroad to receive better treatment if you need to be evacuated medically.

If you are in need of an air ambulance, do you really need an emergency private air ambulance or is it possible to fly commercially? You may have a number of questions at this early stage, but we are here to help explain them.

What is an emergency private air ambulance?

A medical evacuation aircraft is also called an air ambulance, and it is used to transport people who need medical attention quickly and safely. The vehicle is capable of traveling over medium and long distances, but it can do much more than that!

When patients cannot endure the rigors of commercial flight or when vital medical equipment, personnel, or organs for transplantation need to be transported swiftly and securely, an air ambulance offers the simplest and most convenient option.

Reasons you need a private air ambulance

  • It is not unusual to require the services of a private air ambulance when you have experienced trauma, such as breaking a leg or elbow, or if you are experiencing a medical emergency, like a stroke.
  • A private air ambulance is equipped with all the necessary medical equipment, even if the patient is capable of walking, as in these scenarios
  • It is advised to fly only in cabins pressurized at sea level after eye surgery in order to prevent serious damage to the affected eye. It’s unlikely that any aircraft will be able to accommodate this except for dedicated air ambulances.
  • You cannot board a commercial flight if you have an infectious or parasitic disease (Covid-19). Nevertheless, it should be noted that innovative safety measures, which can prevent contamination from entering the flight crew or the medical teams, can only be provided by private air ambulance companies.
  • For senior citizens! In some cases, elderly patients are unable to travel without medical assistance, so they use an air ambulance. The elderly can benefit from air ambulances by being able to see family or receive the best medical care.
  • Donations of organs are also the other reason. It is sometimes necessary to fly an organ from somewhere around the globe for a patient who needs a transplant. Organs are transported by air ambulance for surgery in a safe environment.

Benefits of private medical flights

With a private medical flight, you’ll get all the care and attention you need. Additionally, you’ll receive dedicated service from a dedicated team. Throughout your booking experience and upon boarding, you will be treated with utmost care. Consequently, there is a greater degree of flexibility and reliability.

It is much faster to fly on a private medical flight than on a commercial flight. Their speed is high since they do not move unless there are patients. It is also pretty efficient to fly on these flights. We (COMPANY NAME) will take you as soon as possible, without delays.

During your trip, you will be accompanied by medical experts. It’s nothing to be concerned about. An emergency can be handled on the flight by the experts if they take urgent action. You can book a private medical flight at your convenience. If there are any changes to the flight details, you can change them. Dates, times, and aircraft type will be included as you request.

When you book a flight, your needs will be taken into account to create a tailored package. You can let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or needs. There is no need to worry about taking any special equipment on the journey, even if it is necessary. Flight team members will do everything they can to fulfill all requests.

As you travel on private medical flights, a team of dedicated professionals will keep an eye on you the whole time. You will also be ensured of a safe flight. You will therefore be able to travel in peace and privacy, not being interrupted by anyone.

Tips for a hassle-free medical transfer with an air ambulance

When it comes to choosing a service to travel with, it is just as important as choosing the right healthcare professional. Taking these considerations into account will help you pick the right service.

To determine whether air ambulance services are covered by the patient’s insurance policy, review the policy. Plus, it is imperative to ensure that the air ambulance provider selected is in-network with your insurance company. It is helpful to plan in advance and reduce stress when dealing with critical situations if you know the financial aspect in advance

An accreditation program overseen and regulated by CAMTs assures that good service providers provide quality medical transport.

Air ambulance transfers involving moving patients between medical facilities require close coordination. You must make sure that all the necessary records and test results will be available for the transfer, as well as all the necessary equipment. It is important for hospitals and air ambulance teams to communicate effectively.

What is the cost of private air ambulance flight?

Medical assistance is provided more timely in the case of medical emergencies when patients are transferred by helicopter or airplane. A medical air ambulance is beneficial to patients who require immediate medical attention. But how much does an air ambulance flight cost? Costs associated with air ambulances are influenced by a number of factors, including:

Distance coverage:

Costs for air ambulance services are heavily influenced by distance covered. It costs more to travel longer distances because more fuel is needed, crew hours are required, and operational resources are employed.

Personnel and medical equipment:

The cost of medical care varies greatly depending on the patient’s condition and the type of equipment and personnel required. A sophisticated life support system, advanced medical equipment, and a highly skilled medical team increase costs. Doctors are sometimes required for transports, while nurses are sometimes needed.

Aircraft type:

There is a direct correlation between the cost of the air ambulance service and the type of aircraft used. The cost of operating and maintaining larger and more specialized aircraft is higher, which influences the overall price.

Expenses for operations:

Costs associated with air ambulance operation include maintenance, insurance, licensing, and complying with aviation regulations.

What type of private air ambulance do you need?

You can depend on the private air ambulance service providers to assist you in determining which air ambulance flight type is right for your patient. Depending on the condition of the person, their location, and the distance between you and them, you will have to determine how far you need to travel.

For patients who require specialist support after surgery or illness – for instance, those who require a concentrated oxygen supply or are flying overseas for treatment for cancer, stroke, or other medical conditions, medium-care transports are designed for them.

If an intensive-care transport is needed for a patient who is unconscious or who has experienced a serious accident, it provides minute-by-minute monitoring of their vital signs as well as emergency treatment if necessary.

Steps to book a private air ambulance?

Step 1: The first step is to contact the private air ambulance providers (ELITEVOY) via their official website or phone number.

Step 2: Next, it is vital that you provide crucial information relating to the patient’s condition and medical history, as well as where they are at the present time.

Step 3: The logistics of the patient’s evacuation, including the patient’s departure and arrival locations, will be discussed with the provider.

Step 4: Further, a customized quote will be generated for the service by us based on the information provided. 

Step 5: Make sure that payment and documentation are coordinated. Coordination of payment for the services should begin as soon as you agree to the terms. Your medical records and consent forms will be handled by the (ELITEVOY).

6: Lastly, bookings will be confirmed by the provider, once payment and documentation are completed. 

Wrapping up

It is important to choose a reputable company like (ELIITEVOY) if you intend to fly privately for emergency care. It is best to choose us as we have been in business for a long time.