A complete guide to understand the VIP Airliner Charter

Today, we will take a look at some of the best VIP aircraft you can charter to travel in luxury and comfort. In addition to delivering superior performance, these VIP jets have extended ranges, plenty of cabin space, ample baggage compartments, and plenty of seating capacity.

You can take a private jet for a long haul trip for a business trip or to travel with family and friends for the ultimate comfort and privacy. There are some things you should know about VIP airliners, including their prices, and other information before you board. So check it out!


The VIP Airliner is a premium aircraft that serves as a mode of transportation for potential VIP clients, businesses and the government. These jets have a reputable global fleet of more than 300 aircraft, all of which provide an unmatched level of convenience and comfort. 

At ELITEVOY, our VIP airliner charter services aim to provide you with the very best in luxury and convenience.

Every aircraft is custom-designed to meet the travel needs of individual passengers. This category sets a high standard for excellence in air transportation.

How many passengers are they able to carry?

One of the smallest is a nine-seater, and it’s extremely rare to find a seating capacity this small. The executive style VIP aircraft has a typical seating capacity between 15 and 19 passengers. Nevertheless, there are aircraft with executive-style seating for your encourage, which can carry up to 100 people.

Are there bedrooms and showers on all VIP Airliners?

Charter models like Airbus 318 Elite and Airbus 319 typically have private aft cabins with divans that convert into beds, whereas BBJ models come with a designated area with a real bed that cannot be converted.

Charter BBJs are often equipped with in-flight showers, though BBJs in the Middle East region are less likely to have this facility.

Who uses VIP Airliner?

VIP flights are ideal for groups attending major events, like the Olympics or World Cup. You can reach your destination in record time if you take a private flight due to its speed and comfort. Most VIP airliner charters include luxurious seating areas, comfortable bathrooms with showers, and kitchens and bars that allow you to remain comfortable in the air.

The VIP class of airliners is ideal for transporting teams to major sporting events. An athlete’s preparation for a major game can be enhanced by a private flight. Before their performance, sports teams can relax and unwind aboard VIP air charter flights. Moreover, catering can be customized based on each player’s nutritional needs so that they are adequately fuelled for the game.

Taking a VIP charter flight before a wedding can be a great way to start the celebration. You and your wedding guests can start the celebration early when you travel in style to your destination. If you’re planning your destination wedding with family and friends, a VIP flight will ensure the privacy and space you need. Let your big day be the best ever with a comfortable and tailored trip to Paris, a remote island or anywhere else you choose.

The VIP airline program is the perfect solution for all your business travel needs, whether you are taking the whole company to a convention or bringing a select group to conduct an international sale. As you and your employees travel, conduct meetings and business as usual to avoid missing leads. The lounge is also an excellent place for everyone to relax before their presentations or sales pitches.

What is the cost of VIP Airliner?

As far as chartering a VIP airliner is concerned, there are a variety of factors that can influence the cost; for example, the type of aircraft, the distance of the flight, and the level of services and amenities offered.

The cost of chartering a VIP airliner can vary significantly depending on the aircraft and services you require. You should keep in mind that additional fees or charges may result from fuel charges, landing and handling fees, or taxes, so be prepared. But depending on where the flight departs from and arrives at, as well as the flight’s specific route, these costs can vary.

Plus, you should be aware; prices may change from period to period depending on the season and demand for the product. We always recommend contacting ELITEVOY, directly if you would like a quote about your charter flight, and our staff will be able to provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs and services that are included in the flight.

Benefits of chartering VIP Airliners

  • An abundance of luxury amenities is assured. This incredible aircraft has a multitude of amenities that would have been impossible to imagine even a few years ago. Some of the amenities include a flight attendant, sleeper beds, cabins, deluxe rooms, and bathrooms with showers, just to name a few.
  • You can count on the highest level of safety, a reputed VIP Airliners is equipped with appropriate security features, such as fire extinguishers, alarms, and cameras.
  • With a wide range of options for aircraft, such as the prestigious Boeing VIP jet, we are able to provide you with a wide range of options when it comes to in-flight comfort, amenities, and more. You will experience an unparalleled level of luxury when you travel with “ELITEVOY” to make your next flight an unforgettable one.
  • Additionally, seats for executives is the another benefit. Discover the extraordinary collection of business jet and VIP aircraft seats, all featuring elegant design, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional attention to detail.
  • Through innovative gourmet cuisine created under the supervision of the VIP catering team, passengers can enjoy a five-star culinary experience that they will never forget.
  • Inflight entertainment systems such as DVD players and video systems give you the ability to stream video and audio to every screen in your cabin, making it the ultimate in-flight entertainment solution.
  • If you are traveling with a pet, a private jet charter gives you the ability to keep your furry companion close at hand in the cabin – a much more child-friendly option than being packed in a carrier or loading them into a cargo hold.

Why choose a VIP Airliner?

In general, VIP Airliners can accommodate 15 to 30 passengers on board, which makes them ideal for long trips with a lot of people. Also, the baggage compartment of this private jet is large enough to accommodate as many belongings as possible. Furthermore, VIP Airliner’s private jets are incredibly comfortable, with luxurious interiors and modern technology, separate cabins, and luxurious bathrooms, providing all the conditions for a relaxing flight.

If you’re flying for business, attending your favorite sports team’s game, attending a band concert, flying to a wedding on an island remote from your home, etc., you can travel long distances efficiently and schedule a few stops. Using“ELITEVOY” as your charter company allows you to afford transfers to and from the VIP aircraft.


How to book VIP Airliner?

The booking process for your VIP airliner charter is seamless and hassle-free. If not, the customer service team with years of experience that will assist you throughout the process,

You can book your flight from the comfort of your home by visiting our website and filling out an online form, basically your name and active email address or by calling one of our friendly representatives to help with the booking process. 

Wrapping up!

When you value your time and don’t want to settle for anything less than the best, a VIP charter rental is the right choice for you. During your flight, you can relax in a private jet’s cabin.

On the other hand, decide on your departure time and route independently. The flight attendants will serve you food from your favorite restaurant. Plus, there is a bar, champagne, and wine available to you.

With two spacious cabins and comfortable seats and a sofa, private jets of the Heavy Jet and Ultra Long classes can fly the longest distances totally in comfort. Overall, choose the charter today, decide the quotation and travel in an utmost comfortable way.