Empty leg flights are unbooked flights that help a private jet reposition to an airport where a chartered flight will depart from. The reason it is called empty is that there are no passengers paying for it. Furthermore, “Empty Legs” are available at a significant discount to normal charter prices.


An Empty Leg flight is one in which the jet is flown without passengers to reposition the aircraft to another airport; at home base or at another airport for the purpose of picking up charter passengers. So, why not take advantage of these jets to deliver luxury, comfort, style, and convenience to passengers? To make it easier for you there are reputed and best empty leg flights website like “ELITEVOY” that connects you to your favorite cities by offering access to Empty Leg flights. With an Empty Leg flight, you book the entire jet and pick who travels with you!

How does an Empty Leg flight differ from a charter flight?

  • It is important to notice a few subtle differences between a normal charter flight and an Empty Leg.
  • The sale of empty flights is conditional upon the completion of a primary charter flight. The empty leg will also be canceled if the primary charter is canceled.
  • Charter aircraft schedules can be clearly defined ahead of time, so empty legs are only available on short notice. The best time to book an empty leg is five days in advance.
  • There is a predefined routing and timing for empty legs. You can adjust these at any time: however, the greater the deviation from the original empty leg, the more expensive the flight becomes.

How to find Empty Leg flights?

Clients interested in chartering can research empty legs using a variety of charter broker, direct air carrier, and independent market aggregator websites like “ELITEVOY”

Additionally, there is no guarantee that an empty leg routing matches the actual empty leg routing when booking an empty leg. In many cases, clients paying additional fees for positioning fees book empty legs with similar routings

How can you request a quote for an Empty Leg flight?

You can request a quote by filling out the form if you find a flight above that matches your travel itinerary. You will be contacted by a charter representative who will discuss the requirements of your trip and give you a quote based on the needs you have.

Alternatively, the ‘ELITEVOY ‘team can suggest other cost-effective charter flight options if the empty leg requested is unavailable.

How much do Empty Legs flights cost?

Like any charter flight, empty legs are priced differently based on the routing, aircraft, and other details. When evaluating empty leg pricing, it is important to keep certain factors in mind.

Several factors can be considered when evaluating an empty leg price, including the aircraft’s hourly rate and the flight hours involved. It is better to have a price that is as close to the point-to-point value as possible.

Having a good understanding of the retail hourly rate of the plane is crucial when booking an empty leg flight.

An empty leg that matches your routing request 1:1 should have a price equal to the hourly rate of the aircraft multiplied by flight time plus fees.

Unless you’re driving one of the major market routes like Van Nuys to Teterboro, which has heavy traffic, it’s hard to find direct matches. One-way buyers commonly purchase ‘near matches’ and pay a fee for each end of the routing, along with the lost revenue.

An empty leg that matches your routing request 1:1 should have a price equal to the hourly rate of the aircraft multiplied by flight time plus fees.

Unless you’re driving one of the major market routes like Van Nuys to Teterboro, which has heavy traffic, it’s hard to find direct matches. One-way buyers commonly purchase ‘near matches’ and pay a fee for each end of the routing, along with the lost revenue.

Empty legs are no different from any other market, with supply and demand forces at work. Moreover, in peak seasons and on high-volume routes, owners are confident that buyers will emerge, which drives up the price of empty legs. As a result, suboptimal routes with low demand tend to have better pricing than optimal routes with high demand.

What benefits do you get from an Empty Leg flight?

Empty leg flights offer a number of benefits, including skipping queues, being able to travel more privately, enjoying more flexibility, and saving money. The following benefits can be found in more detail below, so that you can get a better understanding of what they are:

Many empty leg flights offer flexibility regarding when you leave and arrive, even though they have stricter scheduling requirements at times. You can choose a departure time that is most convenient for you because of this flexibility. You will be able to take off when your jet is ready, even if you are running late to your flight.

Having an empty flight allows flyers to skip the long security lines and processes that come with full flights. You would not have to deal with these long lines when you fly private – the security procedures will be more relaxed, which will assist in getting you on the plane and on your way to your destination as quickly as possible. You can usually cut down your waiting time if you’re flying internationally in a private customs area at many airports.

Empty leg flights are often more affordable than standard jet flights due to their low cost. Depending on the type of aircraft you are flying, the route’s popularity, and the season you’re flying, the price may vary. Group flights are sometimes more affordable than commercial flights if you fly with a group.

A one-way private jet flight offers greater privacy and comfort than a standard private jet flight. Providing that only the members of your party board the jet, you can book a private jet flight! By having this privacy, you can concentrate on your work or just relax. In addition, you will be served more personally by staff, allowing for a more customized flight experience

How to book an empty-leg flight with 'ELITEVOY':

In the empty leg charter market, deals are often hard to find, and the best ones are often out of reach for end-user fliers.

‘ELITEVOY’ has been helping clients for years and partnering with the best aircraft operators in the world. With over years of experience and a reputation for excellence, we are able to set ourselves apart from our competitors.

Having empty legs is an essential part of the ‘ELITEVOY’ charter business model and contributes to our long-term success. Moreover, to provide you with the best deal and the best aircraft available for your trip, our account executives thoroughly analyze your booking, and we have relationships with every reputable operator.

Step 1: The only information you need to include is the first and last name of all passengers and the phone number and email address of the person who makes the reservation.

Step 2: Next, the bookings should be reviewed.

Step 3: You can pay for the booking, and it is clearly secured.

Step 4: Following successful payment, you will receive a confirmation with all necessary information from the operator as well as a booking- and payment confirmation.

Do Empty Leg flights provide catering?

It is possible to arrange catering for empty leg flights if enough notice is provided. When making a last-minute booking, only snacks and drinks will be available onboard since catering arrangements typically require 3 to 4 hours’ lead time. The experience of an Empty Leg flight is similar to that of a regular jet flight.

Taking advantage of empty leg specials can save you a lot of money on private jet flights. Nevertheless, you must be flexible and have a backup option in case your flight is canceled in order to take advantage of these options. When it comes to booking a private charter flight, an empty leg service can be an ideal choice for those passengers who do not place a great deal of importance on the exact departure time when booking the privately chartered flight.

Nevertheless, you will need to arrange your return trip separately since empty leg flights only run one way. Overall, by choosing an Empty Leg flight and combining it with a standard charter flight, ‘ELITEVOY’  can help you find suitable private jet options.