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Private Jet Rental in US| Private Jet Charter in USA

Flying with a private jet offers you a highly-personalized experience without a second doubt. But it is possible only if the jet rental service company you choose is best and reputable. Moreover, the cherry on top will be if the company offers fixed hourly rate, availability guarantee, and preferred booking terms that make flying a pleasure every time. All this is possible with (Elitevoy). you can fly privately to the USA from anywhere in the world. Overall, by hiring private jet flights in the USA, you will experience efficient and accessible private flying.

Charter Private Jet in US (anywhere)

With our private jet charter service, you can travel to anywhere you want quickly and easily throughout the United States. From private jets to helicopters to turbo props, we offer a wide variety of private jet rental services. If you are planning a vacation getaway or for a business meeting, our private jet charter service can provide the perfect aircraft for your trip!

There’s nothing more luxurious and fun than flying private! When you are rushing to catch a flight with commercial airlines, you won’t have to wait in long security lines or get caught in traffic. With our private flights, you will be able to travel hassle-free and comfortably to your destination. Below learn what types of exclusive aircrafts do we offer and make a right choice.

How to choose the right aircraft for my charter flight to USA?

With the largest private airline market by volume, US has the capacity to manage any type of aircraft. On the other hand, it is important to charter a plane that meets your budget and preferences, as well as the distance and number of passengers you will be carrying.

In the below section, you can see the types of private aircrafts we offer along with the average range it covers.

Types of aircraft

Average range of miles
(St. Miles)



Light jet


Very light jet


Midsize jet


Super midsize jet


Heavy jet


In some cases, specific ranges and baggage space may fall outside the above estimates; please note that they are averages across a range of aircraft.


Some private jet rental in US options is listed below which you can hire as per your convenience.

Turboprops, light jets and very light jets

Do you need a quick flight to both small and large islands? If you are travelling to or from USA on a short flight, turboprops or light jets are the most cost-effective option.

Midsize and Super midsize jets

Using midsize jets and super midsize will increase your charter costs because they offer more space for passengers and luggage, which means you can fly farther, reach higher speeds, and travel across the country nonstop.

Heavy and long range jets

You should use heavy and long range jets for flights that cover long distances or cross the Atlantic. In addition to offering exceptional comfort and space, these planes can cost well into the six figures when flying overseas and intercontinental routes.

Empty legs

It is possible to charter a private plane for a reasonable price, but this is not always the case. Travelers with flexible schedules in US can take empty leg flights for a fraction of the cost of a private plane.

The private aviation industry is very common with one-way flights to and from US. In most cases, planes return to their home airport empty after completing a flight, or they pick up passengers at another airport after returning to their home airport.  These are called ‘Empty Legs’ and can become available at substantial discounts when they are no longer needed.

How much private jet flights USA cost?

There are a number of factors that affect the cost of chartering a private jet, including the distance traveled, the type of jet, additional amenities on board, as well as airport departure and arrival fees. It is impossible to estimate the average cost simply.

There are no two flights that are exactly the same, and costs change based on scheduling and availability. Here’s the overview.

Travel destination


Aircraft types

No of passengers


Initial pricing at $18,000


up to 9

Los Angeles

Initial pricing at $25,000

Super Mid

up to 10


Initial pricing at$7,000


up to 7


Initial pricing at $15,000

Super Light

up to 8

Typically, turboprops cost around $1,500 to $3,000 per hour, light jets about $4,000 to $6,000 per hour, midsize jets about $5,000 to $8,000 per hour, and long-range jets about $8,500 to $13,000 per hour.

Premium services with (Elitevoy) private jet charter

(Company name) ensures that our customers enjoy the best possible flying experience with private jet charters and private jet rentals. The luxury accommodations and concierge services we provide with every private jet charter are unmatched in the industry.

Our private jet rentals come with dedicated private pilots who are skillful and experienced in providing the highest level of service possible, no matter where you’re going.

Enjoy cutting-Edge Technology

With the latest technology, BLADE private jets are equipped with the latest gadgets, the latest in wireless internet, advanced entertainment systems, and video conferencing options, as well as lounge seating areas, so passengers can enjoy their journey.

When in the air, passengers will have easy access to their social media so they can remain productive and connected. 

Top-notch safety

In addition to the highest safety standards in the industry, Blade’s private jet charter and private jet rental services provide a luxurious and enjoyable experience for all passengers.

Where do private jets fly from US?

Within the metro area of USA, there are several airports. There are a number of locations where charter flights may depart and arrive from US, depending on your final destination:

By car, it is situated about 12 miles northwest of midtown Manhattan, 1 mile southwest of Teterboro, NJ.

Approximately 29 miles northeast of midtown Manhattan, it is 3 miles northeast of White Plains’ central business district.

Long Island, NY, has a central business district 1 mile south of the village and midtown Manhattan is about forty miles away by car.

The airport is situated on Long Island, approximately 54 miles east of midtown Manhattan, and seven miles northeast of Islip’s central business district.

It is about 8 miles away from midtown Manhattan in Queens, NY.

A major international gateway, it is located about 15 miles from midtown Manhattan by highway, and is one of the busiest in the world for air travel.

How to request a quote private jet rental in USA?

A wide range of sleek and efficient business aircraft are available to clients across the globe through our company. We are glad to assist you with planning your next luxury vacation, business trip, or special event, and if you would like to submit a quote, please click here (official website.)

  • The first step is to visit the official website of (company name)
  • If you scroll down, you’ll find the option to request a quote
  • Select the aircraft that suits your needs and submit the request.


If you are traveling to USA you should use the airport closest to you. However, some of the airports can’t be used by commercial airlines, so above we have provide access to private jets that are able to land and take off from there.

There are many amenities and services available on private jets when flying to United States, including spacious seats, video entertainment, Wi-Fi, dining options, luxurious interiors, en-suite bathrooms, and The cabin crew is attentive when flying Super Midsize Jets and larger, gourmet in-flight meals, and video games for children on request.

Air carriers certified by the FAA are the best private jet charter companies, and you should ask for their Air Carrier certificates. Additionally, it is important for them to be audited and certified by third parties. So considering all these (company name) have taken care of these crucial matters. You can rely on us without the second thought.


Whether you are taking a short day trip across town or travelling internationally for more than a week, private jet charter can serve many purposes. And now, if you are searching for a private jet charter service, we have the aircraft you are looking for. Our most popular aircraft can be found in the above section.

As one of the best private jet charter companies in USA, you can fly to destinations such as Miami, Los Angeles, Westchester, NYC, and other parts of the city. With our network of private, (Elitevoy) lounges across these locations, you can charter flight and private aviation with us without having to queue through commercial airline terminals.