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New York City is a great place to visit for so many reasons. Whether you’re looking for the city, the food, or the views, you’ll find something for you here! But you must decide how you will get there. The simple way to this is by reaching for the private jet rental in New York.

It’s not always easy to choose a company to fly with when you are new to the world of private jet charter. A private jet might seem intimidating, and you might be uncertain about its value and convenience. In this case, you can reach us (company name) we will take care the process for you.

Private jet charter in New York

The flexibility and privacy provided by private jets are unparalleled. You can customize your flight schedule with (company name) to meet your precise needs, free from the restrictions of commercial airlines. There is no comparison to the comfort and convenience of travel by private vehicle, and it allows you to relax in a tranquil environment while conducting business meetings. Individuals who are seeking confidentiality and peace of mind during their travels particularly appreciate the privacy aspect.

Perks of hiring a private jet charter in New York

Traveling by jet is one of the most relaxing experiences you can ever have. You won’t have to endure noisy passengers, long waiting lines, or a lack of legroom. Apart from getting to your destination in the most efficient and convenient way, you won’t need to worry about any of the usual problems associated with air travel.

It is rather hectic to travel on commercial flights-with congested airports, a long line to check-in, and lengthy stops, you usually feel drained and jetlagged when you arrive at your destination. You might be able to save money, but sometimes it is more important to feel comfortable and to save time. You don’t have to deal with headaches when you fly private from New York city!

If you are traveling on a private jet, you can get a lot done catching up on tasks, organizing meetings, or just getting a little rest before your next big assignment. You can have an excellent working environment when you travel in a private jet.

We are proud of the highest safety standards in business aviation in addition to offering luxury, flexibility, and low private air charter rates.

As far as flight safety operations are concerned, (company name) makes full disclosures. On request, safety reports can be found for charter flights that have been scheduled and booked – these reports confirm that the company is adhering to industry standards and that your flight crew has the required experience. You can rest assured that your flight will be safe with these reports confirming compliance with all industry safety standards.

How to select the airport in New York?

For convenience, access, and services, choosing the right airport is crucial when traveling by private jet to New York City. There are several private jet airports in New York, each with its own specialized Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs) and unique proximity to Manhattan.

Private flights into New York are most commonly operated from Teterboro Airport. Midtown Manhattan is just 12 miles away, making it a highly convenient location. In addition to the airport’s FBOs, it also offers a wide range of customised services. Large private jets, however, may find themselves affected since it has a weight limitation of 100,000 pounds.

As an alternative to the busier New York airports, Westchester County Airport is about 30 miles from Manhattan. Besides providing a relaxed environment, it also offers facilities for those flying on private jets. Many people prefer Westchester for their arrival and departure from the city because of its ease and tranquility.

At LaGuardia Airport in Queens, the airport offers a large variety of services to travellers using private jets, but the airport is primarily a commercial airport. This airport is closer to Midtown Manhattan than JFK, only 8 miles away, making it advantageous for those who wish to access At LaGuardia Airport in Queens, the airport offers a large variety of services to travellers using private jets, but the airport is primarily a commercial airport. This airport is closer to Midtown Manhattan than JFK, only 8 miles away, making it advantageous for those who wish to access 

A major international gateway for New York City is John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). In comparison with LaGuardia, JFK is primarily a commercial airport located in Queens, approximately 16 miles from Midtown Manhattan. In addition to extensive facilities, there are private jet facilities at the airport for passengers who prefer an exclusive setting.

The Newark Liberty International Airport, located approximately 15 miles from Manhattan, is also an option that may be of interest to the customers. The Newark airport offers substantial amenities to VIP customers and is a good choice for customers flying into or out of New Jersey or New York City’s west side.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

Private jet rental costs typically range from $2,000 to $14,000 per billable flight hour. From turboprops to executive jets, these hourly rates cover a broad range of aircraft types. Private jet rental prices aren’t just determined by hourly rates. Other factors also contribute to the total cost.

A private jet that costs approximately $2,600 to $3,500 per flight hour is a turboprop, a very light jet, or an executive light jet. For the extensive pricing details, refer the table below. You will get the rough idea about it.



Target Price

Type of aircraft

Max no of passengers


From $17,500

Midsize jet


Los Angeles

From $25,000

Super midsize jt



From $7,000

Light jet



From $2,500




From $9,000

Light Jet


But remember that it is possible that the pricing listed above may not be the same as a result of rapidly rising costs and unprecedented demand. So you can refer to any agency or send a quote request to us.

How to book private jet?

Our private aviation professionals are ready to assist you when booking a private jet with (Elitevoy). During the booking process, the teal will help you pick your aircraft, arrange your itinerary, and confirm any additional services you might need. We can also provide you with a quote via our online booking form within a short period of time.

Step 1: Contact us by visiting (Elitevoy) official website.

Step 2: You will see an option where you can submit an online quote request.

Step 3: Choose the airline and itinerary that suits you best.

Why choose us?

As one of the world’s leading private jet charter companies, (Elitevoy) offers exceptional levels of customer service to corporate executives and leisure travelers throughout the world. As an experienced private aviation company, we ensure your journey is flawless from the very beginning to the very end. We ensure that the quality of your flight experience matches the quality of your destinations by customizing every aspect of it to fit your individual requirements.

If you would like a custom travel itinerary or a quote for your private flight, please feel free to contact our private aviation professionals. (Elitevoy) is committed to delivering the best of luxury and convenience in private jet travel, guaranteeing a memorable and efficient trip every time.



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